Exploring Rockford, Illinois with Don Wede

Hey everyone, it’s Don Wede from Heartland Funding Inc. Today, I’m in Rockford, Illinois, checking out a bustling courthouse area with food trucks and a lively crowd. Join me as I share some interesting tidbits about Rockford and why it’s an intriguing spot for real estate. Whether you’re into real estate or just love discovering new places, this one’s for you!

Exploring Rockford, Illinois with Don Wede
Don Wede:
Hi, good afternoon. This is Don Wede with Heartland Funding Inc. Heartland buys houses. Hey, I’m in Rockford, Illinois today. Came over to the courthouse which is right down over there. And when I came in, came across this, there was a lot of people here earlier for lunch, there was more food trucks, but we still got a couple here. There was some kind of big event, or there’s some kind of big event going on here in Rockford today. There’s another one over there, a few people sitting over there, but this was packed here at lunchtime, so I guess there’s some kind of event going on. I guess those are called divvy bites because I’m a country boy, so I’m not quite sure what those are, but I think you rent those things maybe with a credit card.

But downtown Rockford, Illinois, was doing probate work, inherited houses, and came across this great spectacle here. It was a lot more packed, like I said, for lunch, and I’m sure it’s going to pick up again for dinner is my guess. But I figured I showed this to you, something a little different than the same old spiel we have about buying property, buying inherited real estate, which is about probably over 50% of the stuff that we buy.

But this was a fun little thing to see this afternoon. Something a little different. Here by myself. I’m going to stop here actually, believe it or not, and get something to eat as soon as I’m done with this video, doing a late lunch.

There’s the BMO Harris Center, that’s where they play hockey. I think it’s the Rockford IceHogs play over there. And I also believe the Chicago Bulls, their D-League, I think also plays there at the BMO Harris Center. So some kind of interesting small little facts about Rockford. I don’t quite believe it, but I’ve been doing some, oh, I guess likes or comments on some of the real estate sites on the web, from Google, where they talk about trends in real estate. And they said that Rockford is one of the… I don’t know exactly what the words they were using, “Most successful,” or, “Most upcoming,” or “Active,” something like that, real estate sites in the country, which to me is ludicrous. I’ve been buying real estate up here since 2017, and I think those are skewed numbers. Nothing has really changed as far as my aspect of what I’ve seen as far as quality or quantity of homes.

So just a little aside here. I think that if you look into those articles, it’s misleading as far as the real state of Rockford. All that said, something you can look into if you’re interested. Don Wede, with Heartland Funding Inc. Heartland buys houses, www.heartlandbuyshouses.com is our website. Our phone number is 1800-255-8250. Signing off from Rockford, Illinois, here on June 27th, 2004. Thanks for watching the video.
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