5 Things Sellers Need To Know About Real Estate Disclosures in Peoria

Anyone who’s spent time around real estate professionals will likely have heard the adage “disclose, disclose, disclose!” It’s worth your time to discover these 4 things sellers need to know about real estate disclosures in Peoria. Enjoyment One of the things buyers are expecting when they have purchased real estate is their right to the … Continued

6 Things That Can Delay Your Home Sale in Aurora

Picturing yourself walking away from the closing table with cash in hand? Sellers who list their homes have no guarantee of their home selling. Unfortunately, once you’ve found a buyer and agreed on a purchase price, there is still no guarantee of smooth sailing to the closing table. There are a variety of reasons closings … Continued

Don Wede With Heartland Funding at Peoria County Courthouse

Don Wede: Hi, good afternoon. This is Don Wede with Heartland Funding, Inc. I’m here at the Peoria County Courthouse in Peoria, Illinois. Here’s old Abe behind me. Can you see Abe here? I guess he gave a famous speech here at the courthouse many years ago. Actually, in 1854, it says Lincoln draws the…

5 Reasons You Should Consider A Cash Offer For Your House in Chicago

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5 Ways Baby Boomers Can Sell Their Homes in Bloomington

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Don Wede With Heartland Funding Inc in Elgin Illinois Wearing Two Hats

Don Wede: Good morning, Don Wede with Heartland Funding Inc. I’m here in Elgin, Illinois this morning. It is August 20th, 2020. I’m here at the Elgin Mental Health Facility, actually Elgin Treatment Center where I’ll be going. You’re probably asking, why am I, Don Wede with Heartland Funding Inc. at Elgin treatment center? Well,…