Exploring the Quad Cities and Probate Campaign Updates | Heartland Funding Inc.

Join Don Wede on June 29, 2023, as he visits the Quad Cities and shares updates on Heartland Funding Inc.’s probate campaign. Don discusses recent courthouse changes, brings probate mailings to Samantha, and talks about the much-needed rainstorm in the area. Discover the counties they target for probate mailings and enjoy a glimpse of the Quad Cities scenery.

Exploring the Quad Cities and Probate Campaign Updates | Heartland Funding Inc.
Don Wede:
Good afternoon, Don Wede. Hey, it’s Thursday, June the 29th, 2023. Here in the Quad Cities, Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, Silvis is Colonna, Bettendorf, Davenport. Did I forget anything? I think that’s all the quad cities, but grabbed some records at the courthouse, the nice courthouse. The old courthouse is torn down. I guess they tore it down two months ago. I just noticed it. Well, I guess it’s been two months since I’ve been here, so that’s about right. It was here last time. Now it’s just a vacant lot. I loved that old courthouse. Spent many, many hours in there many, many years ago, back in the eighties, back in the nineties. You know how ancient I am if I’m dating myself there. I’ll tell you the truth, I’m 68, going to be 69 this year.

We have some records, but main reason I came over today is to bring Samantha, her mailings for the probate campaign. We do that, yeah, try to do it once a month, but probably average about every two months, that we’ll send out mailings for probates. We do that in multiple counties. Just Illinois, we do Winnebago County. Thinking about doing Boone County. Here’s a good look at the vacant lot now that’s there.

We had one heck of a rainstorm here. We needed it. Hadn’t had rain, at least at my house back in Spring Valley, for probably two months. I was talking to Cindy today and she was saying they had four inches about a couple weeks ago, which we got absolutely zero. Today we probably got, my guess is way it was coming down, probably inch, inch and a half. Hopefully, I got it at home.

Oh, back to our story. We do pro probate mailings, inherited houses in Winnebago County, Rock Island County, LaSalle County, Bureau County. Where else? Grundy County, Peoria County, Caswell County, McLean County, DeWitt County, Macon County, and Champaign County and Sangamon County. That should be it.

Okay. Going to sign off now. Thanks for watching this video. Look at that little old church over there, one more time around the parking lot here. The Quad City is going to go find a couple new places to eat. I always like to find new restaurants. Don Wede Heartland funding. You can catch us at 1-800-255-8250, or you can jump on the website at www.heartlandbuyshouses.com. Heartland Funding Inc., Don Wede, thanks.
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