The Easiest Way to Sell Your House in Chicago After a Messy Divorce

Even the best of divorce proceedings are complex, to put it mildly. It is overwhelming when you consider the stress that selling a home brings and add the trappings of divorce on less than friendly terms.  Your first step is to determine the best method to market the home; a traditional listing or for sale … Continued

5 Seller Hacks for Homeowners in Rockford

Let’s face it; real estate sales involve a great deal of red tape, legalities, and paperwork after waiting for the right buyer to come along. But, as you may be all too aware, as the monthly bills keep rolling in and things around your house keep breaking, the longer your home sits on the  Rockford … Continued

Rockford with Don Wede and Heartland Funding Inc

Don Wede: Hello. Don Wede here. Good afternoon. It’s Friday. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. What is today? Today is Thursday, September 22nd. I’m here in Rockford, Illinois, looking at this property here. A gentleman moved out of state. He’s got this property here, 119, and he wants to sell it. He had…

Habitat For Humanity and Rotary by Don Wede and Heartland Funding Inc.

Don Wede: Good morning, Don Wede here, probably wondering what are you have this goofy outfit on for? Again, Habitat for Humanity. Reason being that I’m all garbed up like this is Thursday, September 17th at our Illinois Valley Sunrise Rotary meeting, we had a speaker from Habitat for Humanity from the local area here…

5 Things to Know About the Crazy Real Estate Market in Chicago

It’s quite intimidating to walk through fast-moving waters willingly without a steady footing. The Chicago real estate market may appear just as intimidating at first glance. However, you do not have to get knocked over by the currents. Knowing where to start and taking care with each step of the way can get you across … Continued

5 Signs You Should Sell Your House As-Is in Ottawa

Sell your house as-is! While you may typically think of a home in a dire state of disrepair, there are many reasons that homeowners are choosing to take the fast lane to sold. One of the top benefits of selling as-is is that no matter what condition your home is in, you can simply walk … Continued

How to Fight Back Against Foreclosure in Aurora

Time is of the essence. Unfortunately, those words can hit deeply when an impending foreclosure is on your horizon. But, before it’s too late, you should take the lead and take immediate action to head off foreclosure with your lender. When your home is at risk, the unknown outcome can cause a great deal of … Continued