Rockford Visit With Don Wede and Heartland funding Inc.

Rockford Visit With Don Wede and Heartland funding Inc.
Don Wede:
Hi, good afternoon. This is Don Wede with, actually the company is Heartland Funding Inc. I’m in downtown Rockford, Winnebago County today. It’s afternoon, it’s a little after 3:00. Beautiful day, mid-80’s here, June 20th, 2023. Had to come to the courthouse here to get probate records.

Last November, they had a fire at the courthouse, and we had been getting a service that was providing probate records for us in Winnebago County for years. And then last November, I tried to pull up a list and they said, “No entries available.” And so I called the company and asked them. I said, “What’s going on?” And she says, “You’re the second or third person that’s called about that.” She said that there’s been a fire at the courthouse and have not been able to retrieve any records.

That was back in November 2022. Now, still in June 2023, we still have no courthouse records, so I decided to come up here and physically retrieve the records myself, same as I do in all the other counties that we market probate in. So it’s not that big of a deal, beautiful day. Believe it or not, I had some other things I could piggyback on this trip. Had a great lunch, so it was a wonderful trip today.

We do buy a lot of houses out of probate. Inherited real estate, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa. They passed away and a lot of times their house isn’t total disrepair because it was home to them. They didn’t have to do a thing to it in their opinion, in their mind. They were comfortable. And so it sat for many, many, many years with no improvements. Well, now the kids, grandkids maybe live in California or New York, Texas, Florida. Who knows? We don’t have that nuclear family like we used to have anymore. And so kids go on with their lives and their careers and they inherit a piece of property. There’re thousands, maybe thousands of miles…

There’s the BMO Harris Arena. That’s where the Ice Hogs, I think, play hockey. Back to track here. But…

So they come across a piece of property that they’ve got now that’s a problem. So that’s what we do. We buy a lot of inherited real estate, flip them out to private investors, who either fix them up and flip them or fix them up and rent them out. But we provide the real estate for the investors, and we buy these from the individuals that have the problems, that have the problem they need solved. We solve real estate problems. That’s our biggest motto, the biggest thing that I think that we can do. I try to tell people every day if they got a nice house and a nice neighborhood, sell it themselves or list it with a realtor. We’re not their cup of tea. We’re the distress property company. There’s no sense in the world that somebody’s selling a discounted price to us when they can get retail for it.

So that’s what we do. It’s fun. I love it. Don Wede with Heartland Funding Inc. If you need to get ahold of us, our website is You can call us 1-800-255-8250. Thanks for watching this video.
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