The New Way To Sell Your House around Chicago

Are you planning to place your house in Chicago up for sale? Before you engage an agent or attempt to sell independently, discover a new way to sell your house in Chicago! Most people usually associate selling their home in Chicago with listing it on the MLS and seeking assistance from a local agent. However, before you choose this new way to sell your house, it’s important to evaluate the numbers to be sure they align with your goals. There exist various avenues for selling your home, each with distinct financial and emotional implications for you!

So What Is This “New Way To Sell Your House?”

Selling your house directly to a buyer rather than going through an agent offers numerous benefits. Not only will you save money on marketing, listing fees, repairs, and closing costs, but you’ll also receive your money without delays. Imagine the relief of selling your Chicago property without the stress and hassle of a conventional listing process! With a direct buyer, you can streamline the sale, avoid the uncertainties of waiting for potential buyers, and negotiate terms directly. It’s a more efficient and straightforward way to sell your home.

There Are MANY Benefits to A Direct Sale
Here Are Just A Few

No Commissions

By adopting this new way to sell your house, bypassing the need for an agent, you’ll have the advantage of keeping the money that would typically be allocated to commissions. These commissions usually make up about 6% of the final sale price, but with this approach, you retain those funds entirely.

No Marketing Costs

You won’t need to spend any money to advertise your house online or in print. There are no expenses for photography or any other fees to be concerned about, saving you valuable resources during the listing process.

No Staging Costs

Often, individuals opt to enlist the services of professional home stagers to present their property effectively. However, even if you only utilize this service for a limited number of rooms, the expenses can accumulate.

No Time or Money Spent Cleaning

A significant aspect of selling your house in Chicago involves maintaining its cleanliness. With last-minute showings, it’s crucial to keep your house tidy for unexpected visitors. Potential buyers prefer seeing a clutter-free space devoid of personal items. For sellers, constantly tidying up and being ready to leave at a moment’s notice can be stressful. However, when you sell to us, there’s no need for cleaning. Just take your desired belongings, and we’ll manage the rest!

No Repairs Required

When you choose to sell directly to Heartland Funding Inc., you won’t incur any costs for repairs or upgrades. Unlike the traditional process of listing your Chicago house, which typically involves pre-inspection fixes and post-inspection repairs, we offer to buy your property as-is, taking care of all necessary repairs. This streamlined approach ensures a hassle-free experience and saves you time and money.

No Landscaping

Just like you tidy up inside your house, it’s important to keep the outside looking good too, especially if you’re selling. That means regularly mowing the lawn, pulling out any weeds, and making sure there’s no clutter in the yard. How your home looks from the street can make a big difference when you’re trying to sell it. You can either do these tasks yourself or hire someone to help you out. Taking care of these things can increase the chances of attracting potential buyers and getting a good price for your home.

End Maintenance Costs Immediately

Owning a property means you’ll have regular expenses for maintenance. Whether it’s repairing a broken shelf or purchasing new A/C filters, these seemingly minor costs can accumulate rapidly. By addressing these maintenance needs promptly, you can avoid larger expenses down the road and keep more money in your pocket.

No More Monthly Costs

Your monthly bills, such as electricity, water, insurance, and taxes, can really add up fast. When you decide to sell your house, you’ll still need to cover these costs for an indefinite period. Even if you’re not living in the house anymore, it’s important to keep the water and electricity on for potential buyers who want to visit and inspect the property. These ongoing expenses can significantly impact your finances during the selling process.

Get Paid Right Away

Selling directly to a buyer like Heartland Funding Inc. ensures you have clear knowledge of what you’re receiving and when. There’s no involvement of lenders or bureaucratic processes. We can swiftly compensate you in days, avoiding delays of weeks or months. With this new way to sell your house, you won’t find yourself in a state of uncertainty. Instead, you’ll be able to swiftly and smoothly move forward with your life.

Peace of Mind

When you sell the traditional way, you might wonder how much you’ll get and when. Even if you agree to an offer, it could still fall through, especially if the buyer is using a regular bank loan, which can cause delays. But if you sell to us, we have the money ready to pay you right away! You don’t have to worry about waiting or the sale falling apart! That means you can move forward with confidence and without the stress of uncertainties.

There are numerous advantages to selling directly! For numerous individuals, it represents a straightforward and hassle-free selling approach they’ve been seeking! We urge you to crunch the numbers to determine if it’s a viable option for you! Before listing, familiarize yourself with the new way to sell your house in Chicago! We’re here to assist! Reach out to us via message or phone call today at (800)-255-8250.

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