How to Find Home Buyers on Facebook In Chicago, Illinois

3 Ideas to Find Home Buyers on Facebook In Chicago, Illinois

If you’re similar to many of us, you likely see Facebook as a spot for socializing and enjoying yourself. You can share and find recipes, jokes, stay connected with friends and family, and catch some news now and then. However, it holds more potential and can be useful for businesses too. So, if you’re going to sell a house, these suggestions could help you find home buyers on Facebook.

Top 3 ideas to find home buyers on Facebook

1. Treat Facebook Like an Inbound-Marketing Channel

Start by avoiding a scattered shotgun strategy, and don’t attempt to fit Facebook marketing into the traditional outbound marketing model. Instead, view it as inbound marketing.

According to a post titled “Stop Failing on Facebook: 8 Ways to Rake in the Real Estate Leads“, some sellers, using well deployed Facebook inbound marketing techniques, are garnering “over 100 highly targeted leads a month into their email database.” The goal isn’t to broadcast a bunch of “let’s see what sticks to the wall” sales pitches or ads or to get a ton of “likes.” So, the goal is to attract specific potential customers and change them into actual customers. This is done by applying proven online marketing methods. Whether you’re a fan of it or not, you’re now part of the inbound marketing world.

2. Use Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook is full of data, and you can make the most of this by allowing Facebook to employ that data to help you in selling homes. By designing well-considered and meticulously crafted ads on Facebook, you can achieve excellent outcomes – or you might end up squandering both your time and money.

Facebook keeps tabs on all those small pieces of information (interest signals) regarding people’s desires, drawn from what they type, comment on, and share. These pieces of information are then plugged into their algorithms. Consequently, they precisely identify individuals keen on purchasing a home in Chicago, along with their preferences for the type of home and price range. To illustrate, Facebook is aware (and has reported) that 1,135,580 users display interest in the “Real Estate” category.

Your task is simply to utilize the provided keywords and audience details to target your specific group. Combine this with some exceptional writing in your ad, while ensuring it’s aligned with inbound marketing principles, and you’ll likely have a winning formula.

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3. Find the Influencers on Facebook in Chicago

If you want to find potential home buyers on Facebook in Chicago, you should definitely check out this approach. It’s quicker and easier and focuses on reaching the right audience.

In the real estate field, some folks have a strong Facebook presence that brings in a lot of promising leads. Others simply share info that would catch the eye of someone wanting to buy a home – things that are interesting, easy to read, and shareable. Often, these two groups are the same or pretty similar. They’re seen as experts and have a lot of influence. So, why not make use of this marketing power that’s already out there?

Your task is to find and spot these influential people on Facebook who are popular for their insights about home buying and selling. Once you locate them, you can start engaging – not just promoting your home selling business directly. For instance, you could show appreciation for their pages or leave helpful, thoughtful comments on their posts. The aim is to get your name and your houses in front of a much larger audience than you could reach on your own.

Use These Tips

Want to find home buyers on Facebook in Chicago? These 3 ideas can help you do just that. Use them to make the most out of Facebook’s reach. You’ll see better results for the time, effort, and money you put in, and you can tap into a lot more potential leads. To learn more, give us a call at (800) 255-8250 or fill out the form on our website.

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