How Long It Will Take To Sell Your House In Chicago

It’s a complex process to sell your house in Chicago can be a complex process. Choosing to work with an agent may lead to a lengthier sale and potentially higher costs compared to a direct sale. Understanding the financial impact of the selling timeline is crucial. While it’s challenging to predict the exact duration of selling your Chicago house through an agent, opting for a direct sale can provide more control over the process. In our latest post, we explore how long it will take to sell your house in Chicago and common issues that can cause delays, helping you make an informed decision about how to sell your Chicago property.

If You List Your House

Getting It Ready For The Market

If you decide to sell your house in Chicago, you’ll likely need some time to get it ready for the market. This may include cleaning up, decluttering, addressing any needed repairs, and possibly staging the house for showings to attract potential buyers.

Finding The Right Agent

Deciding on a real estate agent to help you sell your house can be a process that takes some time. It’s important not to rush into working with the first agent you meet. Instead, you’ll probably want to conduct some research, seek advice from friends and family who have recently sold their homes, and interview a few agents before making your decision.

Waiting For A Buyer

Once your house is listed for sale, you’re at the mercy of the real estate market. There’s no guarantee of finding a buyer quickly or receiving the price you’re asking for. Your property could sit on the MLS, only to receive offers lower than you had hoped. The uncertainty of how long this process will take makes planning ahead difficult.

The Inspection Process

Once an offer has been made to sell your house, the buyer’s lender will need to conduct an inspection and appraisal. If the appraisal falls short of the loan amount, the funding may be withheld. Should issues arise with the property, you may need to address them through repairs or negotiation with your buyers. It’s important to consider this when determining your home’s price, as its value can fluctuate significantly after inspection. Some sellers choose to preemptively pay for an inspection before listing to avoid unexpected setbacks post-offer.


The time it takes for escrow to complete depends on the specific arrangements between the buyer and seller. For instance, if the buyer requests repairs as a condition before finalizing their commitments, this can extend the process. Additionally, the time needed for lenders to approve and provide the loan can also affect the overall duration of escrow. While typically completed within 2 to 4 weeks, the timeline can sometimes be longer due to the complexity of the transaction.


After the escrow process concludes, both the buyer and seller must agree on a date to meet and sign the paperwork. This meeting will take place at the title company’s office, where you will review all the documents, including the final settlement statement, deed, and any other relevant paperwork, and then sign them to finalize the transaction.

When You Sell Directly

Get An Offer

When you choose to sell your home to Heartland Funding Inc., a leading real estate solutions company, you’ll receive an immediate, no-obligation offer. The decision to accept is entirely yours. We understand that you may require time to consider or evaluate the offer. Rest assured, we will not rush or pressure you to make a decision.


If you choose to accept our offer, you can sell your house in just a few days. Selling directly to Heartland Funding Inc. means you won’t have to pay for things like fixing up the house, paying agent fees, or covering closing costs. Plus, you’ll know exactly when the sale will happen. For lots of homes in Chicago, selling directly is faster and cheaper. You won’t need to fix anything up or hire an agent. Before you decide to list your home, check if selling directly might be a better choice for you. You’re not committed to anything, so you can decide what’s best for you!

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