4 Home Improvements That Could Turn Your Neighbors Into Your Enemies in Peoria

HOME IMPROVEMENTS THAT COULD TURN YOUR NEIGHBORS INTO YOUR ENEMIES IN PeoriaEnhancing your home not only enhances its value but also creates a more enjoyable and comfortable living space. With the potential to benefit both you and your property, there are home improvements that could turn your neighbors into your enemies. In this article, we will discuss the 4 home improvements that could turn your neighbors into your enemies in Peoria.

1. Fixing Drainage Problems

Your backyard has a significant depression that collects water during rainy periods, rendering your yard practically unusable for extended periods of time and posing a health risk when mosquitoes infest the area. After enduring this situation, you have finally reached the decision to address the problem. However, a crucial challenge lies ahead: determining where the excess water should be directed.

Should the water drain into your neighbor’s yard, it would result in a saturated and messy condition, leading to potential issues. In the event that your neighbor vehemently complains and considers legal action, you can take solace in the existence of the “reasonableness rule.” This rule dictates that if your neighbor sues, they must provide evidence that your actions in modifying your property were “unreasonable” and caused harm to their property. By adhering to this rule, you can establish a basis for defending your actions and maintaining a reasonable approach to resolving the drainage problem.

2. Planting Ornamental Trees

We all have a natural desire to leave our mark on our property, allowing our unique personality to shine through. This innate human inclination often finds its expression in landscaping, and specifically, the inclusion of ornamental trees. However, in the context of Peoria, there are certain trees that could unwittingly transform friendly neighbors into potential adversaries.

Let’s take Bradford pears as an example. While their blooms are undeniably breathtaking, these trees emit an overpowering and pungent scent during their bloom time, which some might find offensive. Furthermore, they have gained notoriety for shedding brittle branches all over, even encroaching into neighboring yards. While the idea of planting ornamental trees may initially appear appealing, it’s important to consider the significant drawbacks it can pose in relation to neighborly relationships.

3. Adding a Room

After years of living frugally and diligently saving money, you have finally reached a point where you can afford to expand your home and create a guest room. Having meticulously planned the project and hired a reliable contractor, it’s important to consider the potential challenges that may arise with your neighbors. Understandably, they might become irritated by the transformation of the area next to their homes into a construction site, complete with the inevitable mess and noise.

The arrival of trucks from the lumber yard, accompanied by the whirring and rumbling of power tools, as well as the echoing shouts of workers and the sharp sounds of hammers and nail guns, will undoubtedly disrupt the tranquility of the neighborhood. Although these inconveniences are necessary for the construction process, your neighbors may find them nerve-wracking and bothersome.

Furthermore, upon the completion of the project, it’s possible that your neighbors might feel disappointed as their beloved view now includes the presence of your newly added room. It’s important to note that this reaction may not always be the case, but it’s worth considering and being prepared for potential concerns.

4. Installing a Pool

Perhaps you’ve diligently saved enough money to finally fulfill your lifelong aspiration of having an impressive in-ground swimming pool. Picture it—a grand pool equipped with a diving board, a luxurious changing house, and even a trendy wet bar. However, be prepared for the mixed emotions your neighbors might experience: envy and complaints.

Initially, they may feel a touch of envy as they witness your newfound aquatic paradise. Yet, this envy can swiftly transform into resentment, fueled by the fact that they lack their own pool and cannot access yours at their convenience. As time goes on, this resentment may evolve into antagonistic anger whenever your neighbors are subjected to the sounds of laughter, music, and clinking glasses during your lively nighttime pool parties, which can sometimes reach notable volume levels. Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize that such reactions are merely a reflection of human nature.

Despite the potential for home improvements to strain neighborly relations in our bustling community of Peoria, you should not allow this possibility to deter you from pursuing your dreams and enhancing your home. By adopting the right approach, you can proceed with your home-improvement endeavors without inadvertently creating any “neighbor issues.”


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