Understanding The Costs of Selling Real Estate in Naperville

The Costs of Selling

Are you aware of the costs of selling your real estate in the Naperville area? Discover what to expect before listing your house on the MLS, selling it yourself, or working with a direct buyer. You might be surprised at how the costs of selling can reduce your profits!

Selling your house can be costly, with numerous expenses both before and after the sale. If these costs are particularly high, a direct sale might be the best option. In our latest post, we explore the costs of selling your Naperville house using the three most popular methods. Compare all your options before selling your house in Naperville!

Costs Of Listing

Cleaning And Staging Costs

Most sellers will have their homes professionally cleaned before listing them to ensure they look their best for potential buyers. As part of the costs of selling, many will remove personal belongings and clutter, storing unnecessary items in storage units or garages to create a more spacious and inviting atmosphere. Some will even hire a professional stager to arrange furniture and decor, making the house look like it came straight out of a magazine, which can significantly increase buyer interest and potentially boost the sale price.

Agent Costs

This will depend on the agent you decide to hire. Generally, you’ll be paying around 6% of the final sale price to the agents involved in the transaction, which is typically split between the buyer’s and seller’s agents. Some agents may also charge additional fees, adding to the overall costs of selling, for services such as professional photography, online advertising, and open house events, as well as administrative services like paperwork and coordination with other professionals. Make sure you understand what’s included and any extra costs before signing a listing agreement.

Repair Costs

Most houses will need at least a few repairs before being listed on the MLS. Common issues include fixing leaky faucets, patching holes in walls, updating outdated electrical systems, and addressing roof damage. These repairs are part of the costs of selling a home. Once a buyer is found, negotiations will likely occur regarding who will handle the repairs identified during the inspection. For example, if the inspection reveals significant plumbing problems or HVAC system issues, you might need to negotiate with the buyer to either make these repairs yourself or offer a discount on the sale price of the home to cover the costs. This can help facilitate a smoother transaction and prevent potential deal-breakers.

Marketing Costs

Whether your agent includes marketing services in their rate or not, there are several costs of selling you might want to consider. For instance, many sellers choose to hire a professional photographer to capture images of their home. Some may also opt for videographers or drone service providers to capture aerial shots of the property. Additionally, you might consider upgrading your online listings to “premium” to ensure they appear at the top when prospective buyers are browsing through homes in your area.

Closing Costs

In a standard home sale, sellers are typically responsible for covering approximately 2% of the final sale price in closing costs, which are part of the overall costs of selling a property. These costs often include fees for services such as title insurance, escrow, and document processing. While the 2% figure is a common benchmark, actual closing costs can vary based on factors such as the property’s location and the terms of the sale agreement.

Continued Ownership Costs

When you choose to list your house with a Naperville real estate agent, the process can span several months. Throughout this period, you will remain accountable for property taxes, utility bills, homeowners insurance, maintenance, landscaping, and potentially a mortgage. When you tally these monthly expenses, they can easily reach thousands of dollars! This financial burden can be especially challenging for homeowners looking to sell quickly, as the costs can accumulate rapidly, impacting their overall financial plans and goals.

Costs of An FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Listing

Selling your house on your own can help you avoid commissions and agent costs, but there are other expenses to consider. In addition to the costs mentioned above, here are some additional expenses to expect when selling your house in the Naperville area.

Heightened Marketing Costs

When you list your house, it’s your choice whether to add extra marketing. However, when you sell on your own, 100% of the marketing is your responsibility. You’ll need to cover all costs for online listings, printed materials, signage, and open houses. It’s advisable to hire a professional photographer to showcase your house in the best possible way. You may also consider adding virtual tours or videos of your property.

The Price Of Your Time

When you decide to sell your property on your own through an FSBO listing, you’ll find yourself spending a considerable amount of time managing the sale. You’ll need to be available for showings, create listings and marketing materials, respond to inquiries, handle paperwork, negotiate, and more.

House Preparation Costs

Preparing a house for sale can be a labor-intensive process. Similar to listing a property, several tasks must be completed before advertising it for sale. These include thoroughly cleaning the house, making necessary repairs, and being ready to address additional repairs identified during the inspection. Additionally, sellers may incur storage fees for items not needed for staging, as well as the cost of hiring a professional stager or decorator.

Costs of Selling Directly


When you choose to sell your Naperville home to a buyer like Heartland Funding Inc., you can bypass all the selling expenses outlined earlier. There are no fees, repair expenses, or closing costs involved. We purchase directly, in its current condition, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the process. With our streamlined process, you can sell your home quickly and easily, without the hassle of traditional real estate transactions.

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