Selling Inherited Property in Ottowa, Illinois with Heartland Funding Inc.!

Don Wede from Heartland Funding Inc. visits Ottawa, IL, to assess two inherited properties. Thinking of selling an inherited property? We can help! Get a fair cash offer and avoid the stress of a traditional sale. Fill out the form below or contact us today!

Selling Inherited Property in Ottawa, Illinois with Heartland Funding Inc.!
Don Wede:
Hi, Don Wede here at the Lone Buffalo in Ottawa, Illinois. And of course, Tangled Root Brewery. This is a business and pleasure trip over here in Ottawa, Illinois today. In-between right now, looking at two properties. First was over in a town called Naplate. It actually has an Ottawa address. In 2017, there was terrible tornadoes came through here, and it was devastation in the south side of Ottawa and also Naplate. But the home that I was looking at wasn’t affected. It’s in an estate, it’s an inherited property. They had received a mailing from me that we buy inherited properties, so I came over and took a look and can give them a fair assessment of the property and try to make a fair cash offer on it for them. So I did that a little while ago and come over here to my friend, Peter Limberger who is the architect, the owner of this amazing place. He’s got right now I think three other stores, three other restaurant brewery commendations. He’s opening … building a fourth in LaSalle, Illinois, so I’m not always up in the Metro Chicago area. I’m also in LaSalle county as I am now and looking at properties and I’m trying to buy a property and solve somebody’s problem.

The other property I’m looking at is over on the south side of the river, south side of Ottawa, and the area was badly hit in 2017. This house is like 130 or 140 years old. And the owners, it’s an estate, also an inherited property. They’ve had it in an estate for over five years, so they were crossing their fingers that maybe, it was vacant of course, that maybe the storm would luckily take it out for them, but it did not. It was one of the few houses that wasn’t affected by the tornado over in that area. So many of them were, but they got a problem. They got an old house. It might be a tear down. We’ll have to take a look, but we’ll see after a delightful lunch I’m sure I’m going to have here. I’ve eaten at the Lone Buffalo many times before, and it’s been fantastic. Never had a bad meal. Of course business-wise you can always get ahold of me, Don Wede with Heartland funding, Inc. Our website is +1 800 … Our phone number’s +1 800-255-8250. Oh, I haven’t been drinking alcohol, just coffee. Our website is So, feel free with any questions or if we can ever help you out. A little business and pleasure today, June 25th, 2021, Don Wede signing off. Thanks for watching this video.
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