How To Sell Your House in Chicago During the Holidays – A Guide for Sellers

Are you looking to sell your house in Chicago, but have felt reluctant because of the holiday season? We can help you effectively sell your house now with our great tips for selling your home during the holidays!

The holiday season presents a prime opportunity to sell your house! With a reduced inventory of properties available, your house gains greater visibility among prospective buyers. Those relocating at this time typically have specific motivations driving their move, increasing the likelihood of finding eager purchasers who are keen to buy promptly. This guide aims to assist you in leveraging the seasonal advantages effectively to sell your house. Keep reading to discover more!

Think: Warm, Inviting & Homey

Regardless of who you are or where you live, creating a cozy atmosphere is key when trying to sell your house. During showings or open houses, you can offer seasonal snacks such as cookies, biscotti, or brie cheese, along with beverages like espresso, hot cocoa, or apple cider to enhance the experience. If you have a fireplace, consider lighting it to add to the ambiance. Even in warmer climates, you can use an electric fireplace, with the heat setting turned off, to help sell your house by creating a cozy atmosphere.

Hire a Professional

Engaging a professional to adorn your home isn’t merely a scenario found in films. Seek out a skilled home stager or interior designer who can assist you in transforming your residence into a scene reminiscent of a movie set. A professional brings an unbiased perspective and can guide you in refining your vision when necessary.

Collaborating with a designer may entail purchasing decor directly. Nonetheless, there are staging companies available that can deliver stylish pieces directly to your doorstep. These items are typically retrieved after the showcasing or sale.

Don’t Put Out Every Decoration You Own

Even the most exquisite holiday decorations may seem overwhelming if not employed judiciously. Many of us possess assorted boxes of ornaments amassed over time and kept in a holiday mishmash. If you’re selling your house during the holiday season, exercise moderation in the items you display. It’s advisable to keep Rudolph with the missing nose tucked away in his box this year.

Furthermore, personalized items might make potential buyers feel like they’re encroaching. While showcasing the house, it’s best to stow away stockings with names and decorations crafted by the children. Naturally, you can reintroduce them as soon as your visitors depart.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Your front yard serves as the initial impression for visitors to your home. Introducing modest yet elegant decorations can significantly enhance the sense of hospitality. Avoid excessive embellishments, but incorporating a few seasonal elements can contribute to the inviting atmosphere you desire. Additionally, consider adding lighting for evening presentations, ensuring it complements the ambiance of your neighborhood without overpowering it. Striking a balance with neighboring homes will help maintain a harmonious streetscape.

Seek Out The Right People

Consider the individuals who could be relocating during the holiday season. Families may opt to move during the Christmas break, while investors might seek properties before the year concludes. Additionally, students and faculty might decide to relocate by the year’s end. Ensure your home is promoted in areas where these demographics are likely to see it. Consider advertising near schools, featuring your listing in a local business journal, or placing an advertisement in a university newspaper.

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