Sell Your House Fast in Chicago with Don Wede and Heartland Funding Inc.

Join Don Wede from Heartland Funding Inc. as he explores a charming neighborhood in Chicago, discussing how to sell your house fast in Chicago. Discover how Heartland Funding Inc. can help you sell your house fast, whether it needs cosmetic updates or major repairs. Visit or call 1-800-255-8250 for more information on how to sell your house fast in Chicago.

Sell Your House Fast in Chicago with Don Wede
Don Wede:
Good morning, Don Wede with Heartland Funding, Inc. I’m here in Chicago, Illinois. I’m on East 117th Street. Took a look this morning at about 10 o’clock. I’m sorry, it was about 9:20. 9:40, I’m sorry, just got out of there. I’ll drive here a little bit. I’ll give you the representative neighborhood. Nice houses, nice neighborhood, nice three bedroom, one and a half bath home. It’s elderly folks that are looking to… Can’t really to take care of the house anymore, so they’re looking for a sale. It needs work, cosmetic stuff, nothing major, not major structural or anything like that, but just cosmetic stuff to bring it up to today’s standards, something that modernize it. It’s dated. It’s probably from the ’50s, as far as the kitchen. The kitchen’s been updated a little bit, but it’s still old style. The bathrooms are 50-ish and needs flooring, and it needs paint, and that type of stuff. But, like I said, it’s cosmetic work. Nothing that structurally it’s going to need. It probably needs some siding on the outside, but not the whole thing, some of it’s been done, and part of it hasn’t. Garage is going to take a lot, it’s in rough shape. But having a detached garage coming off an alley is pretty nice in Chicago, so keep the vehicles dry and warm.

That’s what we do. People get in touch with, from our website, We get a lot of organic SEO Google searches for I need to sell my house fast in Chicago or the suburbs of Chicago. And when they do that, they can have a chance to opt in on a form, fill out a form, for information on their house they want to give us, so we can give them an offer and they submit that. And then we get that via email. And then it goes right into our database. It goes right into our carrot site, and then that generates an email. It also goes directly from our carrot site into our CRM for investor fuse. So we have a nice way of keeping track of our leads when they come in and then following up. That’s the important thing, the follow-up. We always try to get back no more than 10 minutes after that lead came in and I get that as a SMS text on my phone. So I keep in touch with the people and get back to them really quick, when they do submit a form.

Or, of course, they can call us, but that’s how we get most of our leads in Chicago. Pretty simple process, quick and easy. So I’m going to sign off now. If you need to get in touch with us, we gave you the website, but you can also call us at the office, 1-800-255-8250. Don Wede on December the 17th, 2021, signing off. Thanks for watching the video.
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