How To Sell Your House For A Job Transfer In Chicago

Sell A House For A Job

Are you trying to sell your house for a job transfer? Whether it’s a new career opportunity or a shift in office locations, our tips are here to ease the process and reduce stress. In our latest post, we offer valuable insights for homeowners who are trying to sell their house for a job transfer amidst a job-related relocation. Career transitions are common, and sometimes moving is unavoidable. It can be overwhelming to sell your house for a job transfer, whether it’s a voluntary decision or one thrust upon you, especially if the family is involved. As you weigh your options, including listing your home, selling it independently, or retaining ownership for the time being, our guidance aims to support you through this transition.


The Time

The duration you wait for the closing process to finalize is also incurring expenses for you. Consult any experienced real estate flipper, and they’ll emphasize that the longer you possess a property, the greater the expenses pile up. As your house remains listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), you’ll keep shouldering taxes, insurance, utilities, and maintenance fees, which can significantly eat into your profits. If you require a sale within a set timeframe, it’s advisable to avoid becoming ensnared in a restrictive listing agreement that could prolong the process unnecessarily.

The Costs

Selling your home in Chicago can incur significant expenses. Prior to listing your property, there are various tasks to complete, such as conducting minor repairs, arranging for professional cleaning, and tending to the landscaping. Additional expenses may arise depending on your agent’s services. For instance, you might have to personally cover the costs of hiring a photographer and professional stager to ensure a competitive listing. Furthermore, you must consider the agent’s commission and any additional fees they may impose at the time of closing.

The Overall Value

Listing can be effective in certain circumstances and properties, such as high-demand neighborhoods or unique homes. However, for properties with specific drawbacks or in slower markets, it can be inefficient and costly. When considering expenses such as agent commissions and time invested in preparing the property, the return might be lower compared to selling directly. Evaluate your specific situation, including market conditions and property characteristics, to determine the most suitable method of selling for you!

Selling Directly

The Time

By arranging a direct sale to Heartland Funding Inc., your house can be swiftly sold in just a few days, bypassing the extended timelines typically associated with traditional sales. This rapid process not only saves time but also ensures a quick recoup of repair costs, allowing you to seamlessly transition to your next chapter with ease and peace of mind.

The Costs

When you choose to sell your home directly to Heartland Funding Inc., you can rest assured there are no costs to be concerned about. It’s important to note that not all home buyers operate in the same manner. Selling to others might entail encountering various fees or closing costs. However, with Heartland Funding Inc., we extend an offer to purchase your house without any associated fees, providing you with a hassle-free transaction.

The Overall Value

If you’re trying to sell your house for a job transfer, it’s ideal to sell your house directly to Heartland Funding Inc.. It’s a quick, painless, and stress-free process. You won’t need to worry about the sale amount or closing date because you’ll have all the details upfront from day one. While the final sale price might seem lower than what’s listed on the MLS, when you consider the savings, the difference is often negligible.

What Happens If You Don’t Sell?

Becoming a Reluctant Landlord

Should the house fail to sell, there’s always the option to rent it out. However, be aware that managing rental properties can often entail more effort than initially anticipated. From sourcing suitable tenants to handling maintenance, repairs, and potential evictions, the responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming, particularly if you’re not local to oversee everything.

Carrying Two Mortgages

Owning a property in Chicago and another elsewhere can pose challenges in managing multiple mortgages. Securing a second mortgage becomes daunting when you already have one tied to your Chicago residence. Managing the additional financial burden while awaiting the sale of your primary home can induce considerable stress for you and your family.

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