How To Price Your Inherited Home In Bloomington For Sale

Have you inherited a property in Bloomington that you’re thinking of selling but don’t know how to price your inherited home? While receiving an inherited property can be a meaningful gift, it can also become a financial burden. Selling it is a practical way to unlock its value for other needs. However, if you haven’t sold a property in a while, determining the right price for your inherited home might be challenging. To help you with this, here are three valuable tips to guide you on how to price your inherited home in Bloomington.

Tip #1: Price Quick To Sell

Some folks decide to set the price of their inherited property based on what they reckon the market will cough up for it. But there are numerous factors to consider when determining this price, and one of the most important ones is how swiftly you aim to sell. If you opt to go through a real estate agent and list it on the market, be ready for a process that could stretch for months. During this time, you’ll be responsible for both the property’s expenses and upkeep, which can add up and nibble into your potential profit.

Many property owners soon realize that it’s often more advantageous to set a slightly lower price for a quicker sale. You might receive a bit less for the property, but you’ll also spend less on repairs, ongoing expenses, labor, and time. It’s essentially a trade-off that could balance out in the end.

Tip #2: Avoid Pricing Based On Fond Memories Or Emotion

One of the major hurdles property owners face when trying to determine the sale price of an inherited property is the challenge of separating sentimental value from the actual market worth of the house. It’s quite common for cherished memories of growing up in the house or joyful moments spent there to influence an unintentional emotional bump in the asking price.

A smarter approach involves teaming up with a real estate agency to explore their offers and understanding that the final price might not align with your initial expectations. This isn’t because the house is undervalued, but rather because the delightful memories associated with it may have inadvertently inflated your price expectations.

Tip #3: Build In Discounts For Repairs

If you’ve come into possession of a property that once belonged to a beloved family member and had been their cherished home for many years, you might soon realize that it’s in need of some attention and improvements. Rather than rolling up your sleeves to tackle the repair work yourself, which entails not just your time and effort but also the expenses for equipment, supplies, or hiring a contractor, there’s a more efficient approach.

Consider offering a “repair discount” to potential buyers. By doing so, you can skip the hassle of renovating the property, and still end up in a financially favorable situation. This means you won’t need to invest your precious time and energy into fixing the place, nor will you have to spend money on the necessary materials and professional help, while keeping the property marketable and appealing.


An inherited house can be a lot of work so if you’re thinking of selling it, you’re certainly not alone. But how do you price an inherited house? These tips will guide you on how to price your inherited home in Bloomington for sale.


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