Exploring Wilmington Illinois Real Estate with Don Wede of Heartland Funding Inc.

Join Don Wede from Heartland Funding Inc. as he navigates the Wilmington Illinois real estate market, assessing a property with non-paying tenants. Learn about the unique challenges and solutions Heartland Funding Inc. offers homeowners and investors throughout Illinois. For more information, fill out the form below or call 1-800-255-8250.

Exploring Wilmington Illinois Real Estate with Don Wede
Don Wede:
Hi. Good morning. Don Wede with Heartland Funding Incorporated. I’m here in Wilmington today. Look at this over here. Ain’t that something? Wilmington is a, oh, you could say it’s a suburb of Chicago. It’s just a little bit south of Joliet. Some people might not say it’s a suburb of Chicago. I call it a suburb of Chicago, but I’m here today to look at a house. There are people in the house, renters who have not paying, and the owner is disenchanted with the whole situation.

There was a moratorium on evictions in Illinois for the longest period of time, but that’s been lifted several months ago now, so the court systems are backed up from what I hear, but you can get someone out. So, I’m going to try to figure out if I can make an offer on this without looking at the insides, which is really, really tough. I left a note on the door. I know there was tenants in there, because I could hear somebody talking, and a dog barking, but they would not come to the door. The exterior’s pretty rough shape, but I can kind of figure on what we’re going to have to stick on to it on the outside.

We might have to just take the worst case scenario and figure we’ve got to complete rehab inside with HVAC, water heater, new bathrooms, new kitchen, new flooring, paint throughout, a complete deal. So, we’ll see. We’ll see if they respond to my note. I left them a note and said that the owner wanted me to take a look at the property for him. So it’s possible we’ll get inside. We’ll see. But I will make an offer on it.

We had a preliminary offer, but that was prior to… One of my investors had shown interest in it, had made an offer sight unseen, but they had withdrew from the marketplace following some other endeavors, financial endeavors. So, got plenty of investors. There’s plenty of demand out there for investment properties. Limited supply. That’s the big holdback.

So our company, Heartland Funding Inc., we buy houses. Occasionally sell some of our houses, too. Usually we’re investor-driven. We flip them out to our investors. I buy them and turn around and resell them to investors. So we’re not really flipping them, but we’re buying them and selling them. We work all of Illinois. I’ve got a deal right now in Marion, Illinois. I’ve got a deal that I’m working on here possibly. I’ve got one in Marseilles, that actually an investor’s looking at today. He wants to buy it from me.

So we worked entire State, Rockford, quad cities, Peoria, Bloomington, Normal, Champaign, Urbana. I got a lead in last night from Champaign, Urbana. I need to call them this afternoon. They’d give me a preference on when they want me to call them. So we work the entire State, actually Metro East, St. Louis, Southern Illinois. So we cover the State. If somebody’s got a problem, we try to solve it. You can always get ahold of us, 1-800- 255-8250. Feel free to go to our website, www.heartlandbuyshouses.com.

Signing off today from Wilmington, Illinois. Thanks for watching this video.
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