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Join Don Wede of Heartland Funding Inc. as he evaluates an inherited house in Ottawa, Illinois. Discover the details of this LaSalle County property, from the new roof needed to the vintage interior. Don offers insights into the process of buying inherited homes and how Heartland Funding Inc. can assist homeowners in similar situations. Watch the walkthrough and learn more about selling inherited properties. Fill out the form below or call us at 1-800-255-8250 for more information.

Inherited House in Ottawa, Illinois - Property Walkthrough with Heartland Funding Inc.
Don Wede:
Here we go. Good afternoon. Finally got this camera set up for my video. Don Wede with Heartland Funding Inc. I’m in Ottawa, Illinois. It’s LaSalle County. Looking at this house here. It’s an inherited house. Unfortunately, the lady passed away, and they’ve got a house, and they came to my website and filled out a form. I’m over here evaluating the house. We’re going to do a walk-through here today.

As far as … It kind of looks like it’s going to need a new roof. Windows probably okay. Here’s the garage. A lot of stuff. People accumulate a lot of stuff as they get older. Here’s the back yard. Nice little area town. I would call it middle-class.

Okay, we’re going to take a walk inside. It’s somewhat dated, but that’s how we find most of the older homes. When you live in them forever and ever and you’re comfortable, well, then you don’t typically bring things up to up-to-date and modern standards. Okay, kitchen, bath, bedroom. I don’t know if we can see. There we go. A lot of stuff. Huge front room. Two small bedrooms. Actually, they’re not really even bedrooms. They have to put the closets in or a chifforobe or something. Or a standing closet. Wardrobe is the word I’m looking for.

Okay, let’s take a walk downstairs. Furnace is good. Washer and dryers are all right. The water heater is just fine. It looks funky because it’s got a wrap on it, but it looks like it’s brand new. A lot of stuff. I didn’t realize there was this much stuff, so we’re going to talk to the sellers and explain: “Take what you want and leave the rest. But give me some kind of idea how much you’re going to take, because this will take many, many, many roll-offs and what have you.”

Okay, I was afraid of this light. I’m going to interrupt you here for a minute. My clip fell off. Okay, let’s get my flashlight going here. Okay, here’s the furnace. It looks like brand-new. Like I said, this looks funky, but it’s very new, very modern. And here’s the service box over here, which is fine.

So that’s it, folks, Don Wede with Heartland Funding Inc. You can always find us at our website, www.heartlandbuyshouses.com. You can give me a call at 1-800-255-8250. That was our little walkthrough video for today. Feel free to ask questions. Call up, text. Well, you can’t text; that’s a landline. Get ahold of me. Our website … Email is Heartlandfundinginc.@gmail.com. Signing off for today.

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