Inherited House in Chicago – Don Wede with Heartland Funding Inc

Join Don Wede from Heartland Funding Inc. as he explores an inherited house in Chicago. This video showcases the property and discusses the process of putting in a cash offer. If you have an inherited house in Chicago that you need to sell, Heartland Funding Inc. can help!

Inherited House in Chicago - Don Wede with Heartland Funding Inc
Video Transcription

Don Wede: Good morning. This is Don Wede with Heartland Funding Incorporated. I’m here in Chicago. It is December the 6th, 2019. Actually, this little area of Chicago is called Edison Park. I’m doing this video this morning to show a house that we’re going to put a cash offer in on. It’s an inherited house. It went through probate, so that part’s done. But the two remaining family members want it sold. It’s going to need some work. So we’re going to shoot this video and determine exactly what we’re going to have to stick into it for an offer.

It’s a two bedroom home, kind of small. I think it was about 800 square feet. I’ll have to look at that again. We do have a garage back here. Locked up. Roof looks okay, passable. Coming back. Now, if there’s little kids around, they all want to get in the videos. I haven’t seen one adult yet that says, “Hey, shoot me in this.”

Speaker 2: Yeah, you’re right.

Don Wede: Kids love to get their pictures taken and videos made. Here’s our living room.

Speaker 2: Do you need the door open still?

Don Wede: No. I’ve got plenty of light.

Speaker 2: I haven’t … that open more. It was a warm weather.

Don Wede: It was nice yesterday.

Speaker 2: Yes. I was out later on in the day. I’m usually out earlier in the day. I better get out of the way. I don’t want to be in.

Don Wede: And here, we’ve got the kitchen. I’m going to send this off to my rehab guy, as far as pricing it out. That was an old, old, old leak from bathtub from way back when. It’s just never been fixed.

Speaker 2: Well, it wasn’t leaking for a long time, but then it just … Everything is basically antiquated junk.

Don Wede: Sure.

Speaker 2: I can’t tell you, it was only maybe, I don’t know. I would say it would be hard to remember.

Don Wede: Oh, there’s no doubt money’s going to have to be stuck into it. I mean, that’s just a given. But that’s the thing we, just-

Speaker 2: You know, I just meant like 10 years ago, I realized how much better everything was, even though maybe not everybody else that didn’t live here would agree to.

Don Wede: Right.

Speaker 2: I mean, I know.

Don Wede: Here’s one bedroom here. Here’s the bath. And, here’s the second bedroom. Now, we’ll take a look down in the basement and that will be it for our video.

Speaker 2: I didn’t mean to talk while you were-

Don Wede: No, that’s fine. I’m talking.

Speaker 2: No, I mean, you know. I didn’t mean [inaudible 00:05:49].

Don Wede: Let’s see. We went through the kitchen, I think, we got into the basement. Yes. Now, as far as stuff, did you want to, are you going to take stuff or leave everything?

Speaker 2: Well, I don’t know what my sister …

Don Wede: Kind of what I tell people is, take what you want and leave the rest.

Speaker 2: I don’t know what she … One minute she says one thing and then the next minute she says another about she can’t take much of the furniture, but then she says, “Oh that’s nice.” And so I don’t know what she is going to do.

Don Wede: There was some water here at one point in time, but I could have been a long time ago. It doesn’t look like it actively gets water. Hopefully, this works for Steve. It usually does. He’s a really nice guy. If he has to come out, we can work with that later. Okay. We’ve got the old fuses here. Got a pretty good looking furnace and a real good looking water heater.

Speaker 2: Yeah, the water is just over two years old.

Don Wede: Okay.

Speaker 2: There is seepage. Now, see the … It was warmer when my mother was here. When the furnace was on, it was about 10-


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