Cold, Windy, and Wet Day Exploring Rock Island Real Estate

Join Don Wede of Heartland Funding Inc. on a chilly, windy, and rainy day in Rock Island, part of the Quad Cities, as he explores local Rock Island real estate opportunities. Despite the weather, Don shares his insights on probate properties and highlights a unique laundromat-bar-gaming facility in the area. Discover how Heartland Funding Inc. buys houses across Illinois, including the Quad Cities and Chicago, focusing on distressed properties and probate situations. For more information about Rock Island real estate, fill out the form below or call 1-800-255-8250.

Cold, Windy, and Wet Day Exploring Rock Island Real Estate
Don Wede:
Hello. It’s May 29th, 2021, The start of Memorial Day weekend. I’m over here in the Quad Cities. Specifically, right now I’m in Rock Island. As you can see, that’s the Rock Island Justice Center right across the street. I normally would be outside, but it’s cold, windy, and wet today. It’s 47 degrees and 20 mile an hour winds blasting out of the north and it’s wet. It’s raining. It just stopped now for a little bit, just drizzling, but I’m over here. I’m going to go look at some probate files. And also after that, I’m going to go look at a house in Rock Island. A lady has a house that she wants to sell me. So I have to do walk through to see what it needs.

I found something interesting over here as I came in. See that building over there? Not the big one, but the little one that has a sign on it. That’s a combination of a laundromat, a bar, and a gaming facility. So you can gamble, drink, and do your dirty laundry all at one time. I’ve never seen that before, but pretty, pretty neat little idea.

I also stopped on my way in and can you see how the flags blowing there? Crazy. Stopped on my way in, in Colona, another little village in the Quad Cities here, and bought myself a homemade salami. They’ve got really good homemade meats there. Called Highland Meatpacking Company. So, that’s kind of what we’re doing here today. Drove over. Windy, wet, kind of uneventful drive, but it’s always nice to come visit the Quad Cities.

We buy houses, not only in the Quad Cities, of course, we buy them in Chicago. We buy them throughout Illinois, actually. So we’re a house buying company. That’s what we specialize in. Usually distressed properties. If they’re nice houses, we tell them, it’s probably best to list them with a realtor or sell themselves. But if there’s a distress situation such as probate, you got to think about a lot of these people who have inherited properties, the families are not like they used to be. People move away. They don’t stick around like they used to.

So we may have somebody that’s living out in California with a property here in Rock Island County. And a lot of times, mom and dad, grandma, and grandpa, or whatever situation would be.. We got a bystander coming through. You know, they haven’t taken care of the property like… Well, they’ve been living in it for 30, 40, 50 years. And to them it’s comfortable. It’s home. It’s what they’re used to, but to sell it to somebody else, that’s a different story. Usually it needs updating for sure. So, my name’s Don Wede with Heartland Funding Incorporated. You can always catch us up on our website at or you can always give us a call at 1-800-255-8250. Signing off now. I’m going to go in the courthouse. Thanks.
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