Auto Wreck Assistance in Mattoon IL | Don Wede & Dustin Salmons | Heartland Funding Inc.

Don Wede from Heartland Funding Inc. shares his experience of being run off the road near Mattoon, IL, and how Dustin Salmons from 1st Class Wrecker Service provided crucial auto wreck assistance in Mattoon IL. Learn about Dustin’s dedication to customer service and how his business helps people in need, 24/7.

Contact Heartland Funding Inc.: 1-800-255-8250
Contact 1st Class Wrecker Service: 217-254-1026

Find 1st Class Wrecker Service on Google, Facebook, and their website at

Auto Wreck Assistance in Mattoon IL | Don Wede & Dustin Salmons
Don Wede:
Good morning, Don Wede with Heartland Funding Inc. in Mattoon, Illinois today. My phone number for the company is 1-800-255-8250. And here’s Dustin. Let Dustin introduce himself and his company.
Hi, I’m Dustin, 1st Class Wrecker Service. We do 24-hour towing, seven days a week, including the holidays. You can get a hold of us anytime at 217-254-1026. You can find us on Google, Facebook and our website at
Don Wede:
Yesterday I had a trucker run me off the road on interstate 57, just approaching Mattoon from the North. Pushed me right off the road, spun around three times, went in the ditch, hit the culvert, almost one up into oncoming traffic northbound. And Dustin was the saving grace as far as getting me out of there. Of course the state police came and the local fire department came and helped, but Dustin was the one that helped tow me out. Dustin was the one that helped me find a room for the night.

We went to Enterprise Rental Cars, but unfortunately, let’s go look at our trucks over here. Unfortunately, they did not have any cars to be rented that day. I’m on a pretty hectic schedule. I’ve got a lot of work to do in the next couple of days out of town. Dustin helped me go over to the Holiday Inn Express, get a room. And then this morning, fortunately they had a car for me. They were very nice at what was that? Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Anything you want to say, Dustin, about Mattoon and your business and how you went out a flyer- Dustin:
Well, sure.
Don Wede:
And took a big-
I’ve worked for the same company out of high school for 14 years, worked for Rural King Supply here in town. Their corporate headquarters are here. I learned a lot working for them. They trust me with a lot of things in their business that allowed me to go out on my own and buy some tow trucks. It taught me a lot about customer service when I worked there. That was one of the huge things that they preach to all of their employees, to treat everybody like grandma. And I’ve been fortunate enough to bring that to my business. And I treat everyone that comes in here like they’re my grandma or grandpa in this case.
Don Wede:
And I’m old enough to be.
It brings me a lot of pleasure to be able to serve people in that capacity and their bad day’s already bad.And there’s no sense of making it any worse. If we can help make it better, that’s what we try to do.
Don Wede:
That’s a wonderful creedal.
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