4 Ways To Attract Home Buyers in Peru

4 Ways To Attract Home Buyers in PeruSelling your home in Peru offers a variety of options, much like the saying, “there’s more than one way to get things done.” Of course, we don’t endorse any harm to animals, but the analogy holds true for the different needs of home buyers in the market. By adapting your sales strategy to suit these diverse requirements, you can increase the number of home showings and speed up the selling process. Here are four effective tips to attract home buyers in Peru.

4 Ways To Attract Home Buyers in Peru

1. Declutter Inside and Out

Your home may appear overwhelming with clutter, especially if your family has lived there for many years. Over time, belongings accumulate in various areas such as closets, bookshelves, kitchen counters, and even spread to the garage and washrooms. The presence of clutter not only lacks appeal but also creates an illusion of limited space within your home.

If your intention is to sell the house, it implies that you are considering a move. Seize this opportunity to take a proactive approach and initiate the process of disposing of or donating items that you no longer need. Pack away possessions that won’t be necessary in the upcoming months and, if your garage cannot accommodate them without creating a cluttered look, consider renting a storage unit.

Once everything has been cleared out, proceed to thoroughly clean your home. With countertops, bookshelves, and floors decluttered, make sure to sweep, mop, and disinfect every possible surface. This will contribute to creating an open and spacious ambiance that can attract home buyers.

2. Make Necessary Repairs

If there’s something that needs fixing, it’s best to take care of it. Many homeowners mistakenly believe they can wait until potential buyers show interest in the house. However, buyers will eventually find out about faulty appliances, leaky roofs, and stubborn plumbing problems.

There are two reasons why you should address these issues. Firstly, the law requires you to disclose any problems you’re aware of. Secondly, if you’re unaware of the problem, a home inspection will likely uncover it. Buyers will then ask for repairs or financial compensation, meaning you’ll end up paying for it either way.

It’s much simpler to be upfront about any repairs, maintenance, or upgrades you’ve made while people are considering the property. This speeds up the escrow process by avoiding lengthy repair requests and reassures potential home buyers that you’ve been a responsible homeowner who has taken care of their potential future home.

3. Stage the Property

Clients frequently encounter pushback from real estate agents on a daily basis regarding staging. Unless they own a multi-million dollar home, most clients do not perceive the need to incur the additional expense of staging, which is essential to attract home buyers.

It is important to note that staging does not always require removing all belongings and renting new furnishings. Instead, it can involve skillfully rearranging existing furniture, removing personal family photos, heirlooms, and art to create a more appealing environment.

The initial decluttering efforts were a positive start. However, it is now crucial to transform the home into a space that resonates with potential buyers, enabling them to envision themselves living there. This approach maximizes the number of people who will be inclined to make an offer on the property.

4. Set a Market Price Just Under Expected Fair Market Value

It may seem surprising, but setting a lower price for your house than what the market suggests can effectively attract home buyers.

When potential buyers consider purchasing a home, they focus on important factors such as size, location, condition, and price. If the first three criteria are comparable, the price becomes the primary determinant. In markets where numerous buyers are searching for homes, a lower price attracts more people to visit and explore your property.

Consequently, a skilled agent organizes open houses where many individuals admire your home due to its cleanliness, lack of clutter, and appealing arrangement. This often leads to multiple offers, allowing you as the seller to increase the bid amounts to reach a fair market price, which is frequently higher than what you would have initially listed the property for had you not set a lower-than-usual price.


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