7 Unexpected Costs When Listing Your House in Chicago

Listing Your House

If you’re planning to sell your house in Chicago, it’s important to be ready for unexpected costs when listing your house. Watch out for the unexpected costs when listing your house and how you can save some cash!

Selling a house in Chicago can get pricey quickly, especially if you hire a local agent and put your house up on the MLS. Before you spend any money, it’s wise to consider these costs to see if they’re worth it. Sometimes, selling your Chicago house directly to a buyer can be a smarter choice. Reach out to Heartland Funding Inc. today to determine whether listing or a direct sale is the best option for your situation.

Watch out for these unexpected costs when listing your house in Chicago!

Closing Costs

A lot of people have heard about closing costs but might not know exactly what they are. These costs can vary from house to house. Closing costs are a mix of different fees, like start-up charges, transfer expenses, inspection fees, and more. When you buy a home, you typically need to set aside some extra money for these costs. Usually, it’s around 2 to 5% of the house’s price when it’s sold. So, if your house is priced at $200,000, you should budget between $4,000 and $10,000 to cover these various expenses when you’re closing the deal and finalizing the purchase.

Agent Fees

When you sell a house with the help of a real estate agent, they typically take a cut of about 66% from the final sale price. But that’s not all. Some agents also pile on extra expenses like paperwork, promotional materials, and refreshments for events like open houses. These additional costs can add up. While some agents cover these expenses themselves, others expect you to foot the bill for everything. It’s crucial to carefully review the agreement with the agent before you sign anything. If you don’t, you might be in for a surprise, finding yourself spending more money than you initially anticipated.

Staging & Curb Appeal

Preparing a house for photos, showings, and open houses can be quite costly. It’s important to stow away all your personal items to create the best impression. However, this doesn’t mean just hiding everything in the closet because potential buyers will definitely peek there. Some homeowners end up paying for extra storage while their house is on the market, keeping only the essentials at home. This simplifies cleaning up and streamlines moving later.

You must ensure your yard looks its absolute best to catch the eye of anyone passing by. Achieving this may require some effort and money upfront. Ongoing maintenance is also necessary while your house is up for sale. The appearance of your front yard significantly influences potential buyers, so don’t lose out on a sale due to a messy yard.


Many homeowners choose to paint their house before putting it up for sale. It’s a simple improvement that can significantly enhance the house’s look. Many prefer hiring a pro to tackle this task, given that painting the entire house is a sizable job. Some might opt to paint specific rooms to save on expenses. However, repainting the whole house can be quite pricey, easily costing several thousand dollars—a hefty initial expense you’ll likely encounter.


Of course, you can certainly tidy up your home quite nicely on your own. But, would you truly prefer to handle tough tasks like wall and baseboard scrubbing, as well as the infamous oven cleaning? Lots of folks opt for professional cleaners, especially those who specialize in “move-out” cleaning services. These experts tackle every nook and cranny, freeing up your precious time for other things. If you’re not planning to swap out your carpets, it’s a wise move to invest in professional carpet cleaning.

Mortage Fees

Some lenders might make you pay a fee if you decide to pay off your mortgage early. Make sure to ask your lender about any extra charges or penalties you might face for paying it off early. Also, be prepared to cover recording fees, usually about $75.

Title & Escrow Fees

When you’re putting your house up for sale in Chicago, remember to factor in the price of title insurance and the fee for the person handling escrow. Normally, this fee goes to the attorney who distributes funds to everyone involved during the closing.

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